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The range of consulting services available from KHI International and our retained associates comprises primary consulting for food, beverage, laundry, and waste management installations.

Personnel within or retained by KHI International have professional qualifications in a number of disciplines including hotel and catering management; engineering, computer aided drafting, and design.

We undertake each project as a unique challenge - focusing on a co-operative effort to find realistic solutions and effective programmes for action.

We offer four categories of service which are available separately or as part of an integrated consulting package:

  • Operational Brief Preparation

  • Operational/Equipment Audit Review - existing premises

  • Physical Planning and Design

  • On Site Administration

Each category includes research, problem solving and planning which can be tailored to suit a specific project and operating budget.  Our services are often incorporated at the conceptual stage of a project to review the back of house area allocations and operational flows.

As consultants, we can objectively review and analyse your concept preliminary plans, or existing operations and prescribe appropriate actions and remedial measures.  As planners, we can help you establish economic and market goals, programme operations, and design food service production facilities, to achieve your desired results.

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