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Ian Hopper, Principal,  KHI International Pty Ltd 

Ian has been a food and beverage consultant for 25 years.  Coming from a contracting and installation background (36 years ago) Ian understands the hospitality design and documentation area from the ground up.  The breadth of his experience extends to projects in Australasia, the Pacific and the Middle East.

Ian has been responsible for design, documentation and administration of a significant number of large projects, including international hotel chains and large institutional facilities.

In 2013, following 24 years as Principal of McCartney Taylor Dimitroff (Qld) Pty Ltd, Ian established a fresh and exciting operation that continues to provide comprehensive design and documentation of kitchen, beverage, laundry and waste management facilities to the hospitality industry.

While based in Brisbane Australia, Ian works globally with current projects across Australia and the Middle East.

Ian works with a team of retained professionals who are specialists in their discrete field, with years of broad experience internationally.  This enables KHI International to offer a leading edge service focussing on the latest in innovative design development and service delivery.  

Ian is a Professional member of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), and as such upholds the Code of Conduct set down by the Association. He has served as its World Wide President (2011-12), Secretary  Treasurer of the World Wide Board and as a member of the Asia Pacific Board of FCSI. 

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Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) seeks to ensure that its Consultant members  (Professional, Senior Associate and Associate) meet the highest levels of professional conduct and ethical standards related to the foodservice consultancy industry.  In order to provide members with meaningful guidance, FCSI has developed the following Code of Conduct for its members to help ensure that they remain independent and objective.

This Code of Conduct is intended to increase the confidence and safety of all those engaging or relying on a member of FCSI.

The Code of Conduct shall be guided by three master principles:

  • The Client’s interests
  • The Public’s interests
  • The Profession’s interests

Master Principle I – The Client’s Interests : The interest of the client shall be paramount in all aspects of the specific work and general conduct of the member at all times.

Master Principle II – The Public’s Interests : The interest of the public shall be highly considered and respected in all aspects of the specific work and general conduct of the member at all times.

Master Principle III – The Profession’s Interests: The member shall be responsible to the interests of the foodservice consulting profession by endeavouring to enhance the standing and public image of the profession and the association within his/her community.